Start a new career or expand your current one by becoming a

Tango Fitness instructor!

Make money doing what you love, and be part of a community

that it's all about feeling fulfilled and creating positive results.

Are you ready to be different and make a difference?


  • Instructor Manual
  • Access to Instructor Portal
  • Zoom Training
  • Cuing
  • Technique
  • Choreographies
  • One year waiver to Tango Fitness Instructor Network (TFIN) membership
  • Get featured in our website


Are there any prerequisites to become a Tango Fitness Instructor? No, there are no prerequisites to become an TF Instructor. However, it helps if you have experience teaching group exercise classes or if you are a tango dancer. Not your case? Don't worry! You will receive all the necessary training to become a successful instructor!
How long is the TF Instructor license good for? Your license is valid for a year and it includes a waiver for the Tango Fitness Instructor Network (TFIN) for that period. After the first year you can keep your license active by keeping your TFIN yearly membership.
What is the duration of the TF Instructor Program? You will have access to the course material as soon as you join. However, our live online training sessions are scheduled to be on or around the 1st and the 15th of each month. You will have one month to complete your certification program, starting from the date of the first zoom after your signup date. This will allow you to re-take the live training if you wish.
What happens if I don't complete the training within the stipulated time-frame? In that case, you can extend the time up to three additional months at the price of one year's TFIN membership ($49) and continue to access the program.
What is the TFIN? TFIN (Tango Fitness Instructor Network) is an exclusive portal dedicated to provide resoucers and support to our trainers. In order to provide a great experience for our instructors and class participants, we require our instructors to become members of TFIN. The membership has an annual fee of $49 and gives you access to new choreographies, special trainings, marketing material and more!
What does the certification process look like? In order to receive your certification you are required to attend one zoom training and to submit your videos for review at the end of the course. This process is designed to ensure that new Instructors have the potential to execute the Tango Fitness moves and exercises in a way that provides a safe, effective and cohesive experience to all class participants. Notice of passing is given within 48hrs after submission. If you don't pass the fist attempt, you will receive individual feedback and will have 30 days to re-submit your videos.
What do I need to take the training? To take the training you will need Internet connection and hability to access a Zoom meeting. You will also need a clear space to perform steps and exercises, and a camara/phone positioned to show your whole body.